My Summer Stories: Chasing Fireflies

My favorite summer memory is of my 2-year-old little dude’s newest adventure. While visiting my parents in Winston-Salem, he insisted that we play in their back yard. There are hills for him to run up and down. Even with an occasional tumble and taste of grass he was loving it! It seemed to be tiring him out, and with the sun starting to set I welcomed what seemed like the perfect opportunity for an early bed time. When he started swatting the air telling me that there were “bees,” I figured it was going to be pretty easy to get him to come inside. As I looked toward the corner of the yard, in the shadows of the trees I noticed that it was actually fireflies. I got excited, myself! We raced over to the darker portion of the yard and he practiced catching the fireflies. As the sun set, he got so excited as he could see more and more of the little flashes of light. We chased fireflies late into the night. It brought back so many memories of my own childhood. And, it was a wonderful reminder of how we don’t need to actually buy any toys for in order to have fun!

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