Movies for $1 All Summer Long Across the Triangle

Clap, cry, but mostly laugh at the cinemas this summer
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Watch a kid-friendly move for only $1 this summer!

Remember roasting on the hottest days of summer, and the wave of relief you felt after ducking into a cool dark movie theatre? Those days are back and come with a great family deal. Select kid’s movies will be playing at a Regal Cinemas near you for only $1 per person, no matter the age. Part of the Summer Movie Express, families can enjoy the big screen every Tuesday and Wednesday until Aug. 18. Not only are there two days to sit back and relax but also two features per day. Viewings can start as early as 10am but vary depending on location and day. For this reason, check your theatre’s details beforehand.

First, pick your theatre.

There are 5 Regal Cinemas in the Triangle and all are participating:

Second, pick the films you want to see.

Please note that it may not be possible to see both movies in the same day due to overlap. For example, at Regal Brier Creek, on July 13, the Lego Ninjago Movie starts at 12pm and Trolls World Tour starts only 30 minutes later at 12:30pm. However, all flicks will repeat on the following day. With this in mind, it is possible to see both shows within the week. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

Lastly, enjoy yourself!



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