Merry Kids’ Mess!

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It’s been a month since Christmas, and your kids now have their old toys, plus a pile of new ones. I have de-cluttered quite a few playrooms recently, and it’s hard to not feel anything but stress when you look at a huge room piled with kids’ toys. And it’s hard not to feel paralyzed about where to begin.

So how do you get started? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Children really don’t need that many toys. Go through yours and give away items your children have outgrown. Throw away toys that are broken or missing pieces. You can even get your children involved in this exercise. It helps them stay unattached to stuff.

2. Keep your playroom simple with clean lines and few items.

3. Create a low shelf system in your playroom, so your children can reach toys and put them away. I find children’s benches are great shelves, where you can put stuff on top and the bottom.

4. Create a rotating toy system. Leave out a few toys and neatly store others in a closet. Every three months, put away toys that have been out and re-introduce stored toys.

5. Make it a rule: Before your child can get out a new toy, she must put away her current activity. By not letting kids start a new task before the last one is put away, you are preparing yourself and your children for an easy and manageable cleanup.

6. Take 10 minutes each evening to tidy up playroom.

Want inspiration? I love this mom’s clean room for her children. Why does it look so good? Becase there is very little stuff.

Leah Friedman is a mother of two and a professional organizer, who owns Raleigh Green Gables. She works with clients to help them clear the space to be in deeper relationships with themselves, their loves and their lives. And, yes, she lives what she preaches at home with a clean playroom, a clothes closet organized by color and an empty attic.

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