Meet the Moms of IMOMSOHARD

These ladies are guaranteed to make you snort
Photo courtesy of Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley
Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the imomsohard web series

Seven months ago Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley came into my life. I was scrolling through Facebook and landed on their hysterical web series called "imomsohard." "Paw Patrol" was on the TV for my preschooler, the baby was down for a nap and I was huddled in the corner trying to drown out Ryder and the pups with Kristin and Jen's three-minute-and-change video commentaries about the honest, raw and the sometimes ridiculousness of mom life. Their self-deprecating humor doesn't fall into the realm of appropriate school pick-up talk. It is the the booze-infused truth juice we need to hear another mom say. And ilaughedsohard.

I first watched "I Spanx So Hard." This was perfect timing as I was experimenting with a postpartum girdle since one of my favorite lifestyle blogger's whittled-down, post-baby waistline convinced me to do it. The ladies suggest that you can enjoy your beige and delicious foods if you wear these beige and delicious undergarments. Don't miss Kristin belting out "Will you join in our crusade?" from "Les Mis" at the 1:56 mark. It will makes sense when you see it.

Screenshot from YouTube

I continued down the imomsohard rabbit hole and watched "I Fitness So Hard," which pokes fun of those overly enthusiastic partner workout videos you see on Facebook and Instagram. Kristin has to convince Jen to stop picking dried Play-doh out of the carpet before beginning. That's Jen reaching for her mimosa, by the way. 

Screenshot from YouTube

In "I Mom Bag So Hard," Jen and Kristin compare what's in each other's purses. Jen pulls out a stack of folded up Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and says, "Does every mom have these?" Yes, Jen, we do — binder-clipped together and all.

Screenshot from YouTube

Lucky for us, Jen and Kristin have taken their web series on tour in "imomsohard: Mom's Night Out." I caught up with Kristin and Jen over email before their show in Raleigh on Friday, March 10, at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts and here's what they had to say.

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So you’re both originally from Nebraska but you both currently live in Los Angeles. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding towns are full of transplants from other states. Making mom friends can be tougher than dating! How did you meet each other and as a follow-up question: What’s your advice for meeting, making and keeping/maintaining mom friends?

Kristin: Jen and I both grew up in Nebraska but we didn’t meet there. In fact, we went to the same university, never met. Jen was in a comedy show with my roommate and still, we never met. Then we moved to Venice, California, a small beach town, still never met. Lived a block away, never met and had all the same friends and performed in the same comedy circles and still, never met. Then one day, in a weird underground theater I went to a show, Jen was performing, and afterwards we all had beers in the parking lot and one thing led to the next and we both discovered we were from Nebraska. We became fast friends, met our husbands, had babies, and the rest, you can say, is history.
Jen: The way we have stayed friends is by laughing with (and at) each other a lot. We also say a lot of, “You are so right and he is so wrong.”

How was imomsohard born?

Jen: When Kristin and I had a brief moment to chat over wine one Saturday afternoon. The guys had the kids outside and we were both unloading, sort of laugh(ing)/crying at ourselves and the jobs we were doing. We thought, “We can’t be the only ones who feel this way, right?” And so we decided to put our thoughts up online, and the web series was born. We are clearly NOT the only ones who feel this way.

What’s the one topic you’ve been hesitant to imomsohard about? A reader is hoping "I Lice So Hard" is on the horizon!

Kristin: "I Lice So Hard" is on the docket. Oy. It will make everyone feel itchy before the episode ends. LOL. While Jen and I don’t’ shy away from more serious topics like breast exams and PPD, we are careful to make sure we can make it light or funny in a way that helps us cope. For that reason there are some topics that are off limits for us. If it’s not something we can find some joy in, then it’s not for us.
Jen: We also don’t like to do anything controversial. You can go someplace else for that. We cry enough in a day.

Walk us through the the web series process: How much is scripted, how many takes do you do, how long does a session take?

Jen: You don’t want to know how this sausage is made. It involves a heavy carb-load, pre-shoot. One of us has an angry conversation with one of our husbands. I wipe lipstick off Kristin’s teeth. We apologize for being late or our hair. We get the babysitter settled in with a bag of unhealthy snacks, and then we crack the bubbly. But, because we have mom-brains, we write down the stories we want to tell, our thoughts on a topic, so that we don’t forget. (Or, have too many mimosas, eh-hem.) It actually takes about 40 minutes of footage to get a coherent three-to-four minutes.

Do you plan to have guest stars?

Kristin: Yes. But we can’t tell you who … yet.
Jen: Can you tell me yet?

What is your favorite beverage of choice for filming? Looks like a toss up between red wine and mimosas.

Kristin: Depends on the time of day. Mid-morning Mimosas. Later Day: Red Wine.
Jen: It is a toss up. It depends on where I’m at with coffee. Red wine and coffee don’t mix, but Mimosas are obviously a nice pairing with coffee.

"I Spanx So Hard" was my gateway drug to imomsohard web series. Jen — please share your recipe for your beige and delicious Butter Surprise Casserole.

Jen: Family secret. Although I make these funeral potatoes that are basically hash browns, cream of chicken, onion, sour cream, butter, cheese, butter, cornflakes and butter.

Who is behind the camera? Are those your husbands?

Jen: They ARE our husbands. Those patient, patient dudes.

Mom-ing, wife-ing, writing and now touring — we know that work/life balance is a myth, but how do you get it all done? What are your multitasking tips?

Kristin: We aren’t doing anything different than a mom who is a nurse and has to work a 24-hour shift. Or a mom who works in business and has deadlines or another mom who is managing her household of kids and their never-ending events. It’s putting things on the calendars and, luckily for us, our husbands are incredible teammates, fathers and our biggest supporters. It’s truly a team effort.

Jen, please share your amazing lipstick brand and colors.

Jen: I use so many different brands but my favorite color is anything bright. (Except oranges, because they make me look dead.) I love Revlon, Claret from Anthropologie, and Urban Decay has a long-wearing line that I’m obsessed with.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Jen: Sleep. Gangsta rap.

Speaking of guilty pleasures … Kristin, Thank you so much for introducing me to @prideofgypsies on Instagram (a.k.a. Jason Momoa a.k.a. Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones"). Please drop some more knowledge of whom else I should Insta stalk, er, follow.

Kristin: You are welcome. Just make sure if you ever meet him that you tell him about me, I mean #IMOMSOHARD. I’ll keep you posted on who I stalk next. I’m feeling it has to do with the book "Outlander."

What actresses would you pick to play you in an imomsohard movie?

Jen: Ourselves, only with a long lens.

What’s the best part about your jobs?

Kristin: Obviously, working with your best friend is pretty awesome. The live show is an extraordinary experience. Nothing can describe how it feels to walk out to 1,300 screaming women. It’s electric and just so much fun. Our Facebook page, reading the comments from other moms and women is really incredible. Outside of so many of the comments being heartfelt and incredibly supportive, we have come to discover that there are a lot of really funny women out there. Jen and I literally pee our pants laughing at some of the stories women share. And conversely, sometimes, in a private message they will share the hard stuff, the breast cancer diagnosis, or the loss of a baby due to SIDS and knowing that we brought them a glimpse of light at such a dark time drives us to work harder and continue to create.


Lauren Bell Isaacs is a mom to two daughters and the digital media specialist for Carolina Parent. This post was not sponsored. All opinions and selections are my own.

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