'Mazes & Brain Games' Exhibition Coming to Science Museum

New exhibit opens Jan. 20
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Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
The 'Mazes & Brain Games' Exhibition will open Jan. 20.

Look up “maze” in the dictionary and you’ll find it described as a confusing network of intersecting paths or passages, a complex arrangement that causes bewilderment, confusion or perplexity. Now take that up a notch by adding two vital ingredients — fun and education — and you’ve arrived at “Mazes & Brain Games,” a new exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences opening Jan. 20.

In “Mazes,” visitors maneuver their way through a mind-boggling collection of mind-bending adventures, 3-D puzzles and full-body games — an unforgettable adventure that’s sure to challenge, entertain and amaze. Mazes winds its way over 6,500 square feet with more than 60 puzzling experiences to inspire exploration and ingenuity.

Test your perceptions and laugh your way through the maze of illusions in this feast of visual trickery. Run a marathon with your fingers on the Finger Mazes or become a “webmaster” by climbing through an intricate web of ropes without getting tangled in the Web Maze. Wrap your head around the Puzzle Maze, and get lost in a network of color in the Color Maze. Readjust your senses and experiment with light, shadow, fluorescence and a music interactive in the black-lit Cosmic Games room. Conquer puzzling challenges and discover new ways of problem solving around every corner.

Plus, some of the museum’s own animal ambassadors will be getting a mind-and-body workout from “Mazes.” Exclusive to the museum showing, the exhibition features a specially designed rat maze, where visitors can learn about the history of rats in spatial learning and memory research. Visitors may also catch a (near) daily presentation all about rats and watch a live demonstration of a rat conquering the maze.

This family-friendly exhibition encourages visitors to explore new ways of problem-solving, challenge the relationship between mind and eye, nurture creativity, and catalyze cross-generational interaction. Additionally, health experts have demonstrated that playing brain games can positively influence the cognitive capacity of the developing brains of young people as well as those of mature adults.

“Mazes” runs through Sept. 3, 2018. Tickets are free for members or $5 per person for the general public (ages 3 and older), and are available on-site at the museum box office at 919-707-9950 or online at naturalsciences.org. Exhibition hours are 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Saturday and noon–5 p.m. Sunday (last entry is at 4 p.m.).

Source: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


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