Math Facts Fun

Question: I wanted to play Bingo to have fun helping my daughter learn the addition facts. Just how does this work? – Like Games

Answer: Make several blank Bingo cards. Decide which addition flash cards will be used. Fill each Bingo card out with different combinations of the numbers (sums) like on regular Bingo cards. The caller shuffles the flash cards and calls out a problem (5+4). The players mark their cards if they have the sum (9). This game works equally well for learning and reviewing the subtraction and multiplication facts.

Parents: If your children struggled in school this year, take steps now to turn things around over the summer, especially if they are in the first three grades. Begin by getting an assessment of your children’s difficulties from their teachers and specific suggestions for ways to improve them. All remediation is not expensive. There is summer school. Plus, colleges have programs to help children of all ages, especially with reading. Also, college or even high school students can be effective tutors.

If your children’s difficulties are minor, consider being their tutor. You can usually check textbooks out to review problem areas. And learning stores have all kinds of materials for parents to use with their children.

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