Marbles' Kids Museum Raises Admission Rate to $7

The cost of entry goes from $5 to $7 — the first rate increase in 10 years
Photos courtesy of Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles Kids Museum raised its admission fee from $5 to $7 Nov. 1 — the first increase in 10 years, according to CEO Sally Edwards. She says the rate increase was "necessary and overdue" in order to fuel ongoing growth and improvements. As always, museum members and children under age 1 play free. 

"Marbles has kept our admission fee and basic membership fees the same for 10 years, while at the same time adding an ever-expanding line-up of exhibits and programs," Edwards says, adding that the museum has added 14 new exhibits and upgrades to many of the existing exhibits, plus increased operating hours by 30 percent.  

Exhibits added during the last decade include "Moneypalooza," "Kid Grid," "Power2Play," "IdeaWorks," "Art Loft," "Toddlers Hollow," "Peak-a-Boo Bay," "The Fort," "Tree Tunes," "Step Notes," "Science Sub" and others.

Marbles Kids Museum's marketing department states in a list of talking points that even with the increase, admission fees still cover less than 40 percent of the cost of providing each museum visit, and at $7, Marbles Kids Museum remains one of the most affordable children's museums in North Carolina and across the country. 

Edwards also points out that the museum works closely with community agencies to provide reduced fee and free visits to families in need. The museum already offers Twilight $2 Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. and, in January, it will begin offering $4 First Fridays. 

A Family Basic membership is $120 as of Nov. 1.

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