Make Turkey Day Treats with Kids

Baked Turkey Cinnamon Roll2

Thanksgiving Day is a memory in the making for kids. No school, sleeping late, parades on TV and a feast to enjoy in the afternoon. What more could a kid ask for? How about some fun in the kitchen? Here are some great recipes to fix with kids on Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Shaped Cinnamon Rolls (serves 5)

Before the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving begins, surprise your little turkeys with these festive fowl. You can prepare them the night before and pop them in the oven the next morning before it’s time to bake the real turkey.

1 canister large refrigerated cinnamon rolls, such as Pillsbury Grands
1 canister regular size refrigerated biscuits
Chocolate chips or cinnamon red hots
Colored sprinkles

Preheat oven according to cinnamon roll package directions. Separate cinnamon rolls and place on cookie sheets, about 5 inches apart. Separate biscuits.

Cut two biscuits into quarters. Place one quarter in the center of each cinnamon roll with the point facing down to be the turkey’s face and beak.

Add two chocolate chips or red hots for eyes.

Cut five biscuits into four thin strips each. Dip each strip into colored sprinkles.

Place four different colored strips at the top of each cinnamon roll with the edges touching. These will be the turkey’s feathers.

Use any remaining biscuits or biscuit pieces to cut bird feet and attach those to the bottom. Bake according to package directions. Serve with frosting on the side for dipping.

 Cranberry Sparkly (serves 4-6)

 Children love for the “kids’ table” to have some grown-up elements. Purchase plastic goblets and treat them to this sparkly juice they can easily prepare with you. Encourage them to prepare their own toasts to one another.

1 can cranberry juice concentrate
1 can apple juice concentrate
1 2-liter bottle carbonated water or soda water 

In large pitcher or punchbowl, pour juice concentrates. Add six cans carbonated water. Serve in plastic goblets.

 Quivering Leaves

Present a beautiful platter of edible gelatin leaves that quiver like real leaves in the wind. If you have a big crowd, prepare several batches, using two to three different colors, such as red, orange and yellow.

4 packages plain gelatin, such as Knox brand
3 3-ounce packages flavored gelatin (choose a fall color like red, orange or yellow)
4 cups hot water
Leaf-shaped cookie cutters

Combine ingredients in a large bowl and stir several minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour into 9-by-13-inch pan. Chill for several hours until set.

Cut through gelatin with leaf-shaped cookie cutters. Remove from pan and place on platter. (You may need to dip the pan bottom in warm water for a few seconds to loosen the gelatin from the pan.)

Jessica Fisher is a wife, mom of six and freelance writer. She regularly writes about kid-friendly fun and family management at

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