Lucas Family Wraps Up Fit Family Challenge

The Lucas Family

Participating in the Fit Family Challenge has been an awesome experience for my family. From the initial correspondence with the Carolina Parent staff to meeting with each of the experts, our journey has been a very good one. The expert advice and suggestions have made our participation in the program a great one. I loved how the experts didn't badger us or over communicate; there was the right amount of interaction with the team, and I appreciate each of them for that. They were always considerate of my busy schedule and would ask what would be an convenient time for me to talk. As a family, we have learned so much that we will be able to apply over the long term and not simply during the challenge.  We learned that as a family, we will persevere in spite of challenges and setbacks.  I loved the time my family spent working out together while we move towards our healthy lifestyle. 

We committed to do a Fit Family Challenge at least twice a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Overall, we have been able to meet that goal. Our activities of choice have been family walks, playing tennis and using the X-Box Kinect. Once we began the activities, before we knew it, we were exercising in some instances for over an hour. I have consistently walked for at least 30 minutes a day and have lost 8 pounds. Walking has been a very easy way to clear my head and enjoy some outdoor scenery.  A great stress reliever!

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In reference to our eating, we still have some challenges to work through. Snacking is still a major area of opportunity. Now that school is out, I will have more control over what types of snacks are brought into the home.  We have learned to select snacks that are lower in calories and sugar.  With the summer months ahead, we will be purchasing more fresh fruits to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Each of my family members have their viewpoints of the challenge that I will share below:
Kelvin:  "The Fit Challenge was a great experience. We were able to fit in some time to work out as a family, and we were also able to change some of our eating habits as well."
Isaiah: "I really enjoyed being a part of the Fit Family Challenge. I liked the ability to spend more time with my family, learning how to eat correctly and getting fit!"
Kelsey: "The challenge helped our family bond more. Also, I thought it was fun and an easy way to get moving and to stay healthy."
Silas:  "The challenge was fun!  I wish that we had more time to do more stuff as a family.  I love my family time."

Photo courtesy of Lucas Family

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