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Choose Cropped Pants that Flatter

Cropped pants, capris, clam diggers. Known by many names, these short pants are a cool alternative to full-length trousers or jeans and are loved by women of all ages, shapes and sizes. As popular as they are, wearing cropped pants can be a bit trickier than you’d think.

Here’s help selecting the most flattering style:

* Make sure the hemline ends at the narrowest part of your leg. If it stops at the widest part of your calf, your legs will appear larger and shorter.

* Pleats? Please, don’t. They only add volume where you want to minimize it.

* Cuffs are best on those with long, nimble legs and should be avoided if you have short legs.

* Opt for straight or barely flared legs. This will balance hips and keep you looking proportional.

Pair your cropped pants with heels or some of the season’s hottest wedges to create an elongated leg line. Flat shoes can give this look a dowdy appearance.

When it comes to which colors to wear, go for one of the season’s pale neutrals or a darker color if your bottom half is heavier than your top. You’ll look chic and keep your cool, too!

Walk It Off

Summer is coming to a close, and you still haven’t lost the weight you’d hoped to before bikini season set in. Why not let your feet help? FitFlops, the “flip flop with the gym built in,” are so called because of their ability to load muscles and engage them for longer, giving your legs more of a workout while you walk.

FitFlops keep your feet properly aligned and help improve posture, tone calves and thighs, and may even provide relief from heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica and osteoarthritis, among other conditions. Plus, they just feel good. So slip on your FitFlops and whittle your lower half into shape while running errands or just running after the kids. Find them at www.workoutsandals.com for $45 to $75.

Get Glam

All hair products are not created equal. Pick up a bottle of GLAMsplash shampoo, and you’ll see what I mean. This dense, color-friendly shampoo is packaged in a bottle with a feminine silhouette and is infused with seaweed, sea kelp, algae extracts and botanical oils, combined to create a cleansing experience perfect for all hair types.

It only takes a dab to create a head full of lather that leaves your hair looking luxurious. So a single bottle will last several months, giving busy moms an indulgent experience as well as more bang for your buck.

Created by Raleigh-based hairdressers Dawn Bender and Justin Dare, GLAM products have been showcased at Hollywood’s Golden Globes, yet are created to help women make the most of their beauty routine at home.

Try the other GLAM products, including GLAMdrench (to add strength and shimmer) and GLAMilluminate (a nongreasy laminating gel that provides hold while controlling frizz), to keep your hair looking, well, glamorous! Products are available at www.glamloungeraleigh.com for $10 to $21 or at the Glam Lounge location at 722 N. West St., Raleigh.

Bamboo Cover-up for Breastfeeding

As widely accepted as breastfeeding has become, it’s still something that, at times, calls for modesty and privacy. Bamboo for Two is a wonderful cover-up designed just for breastfeeding mothers and their babies to let them nurse discreetly without distraction.

Created as a clever poncho, Bamboo for Two has a cowl neck so you can easily take a peek at baby while she’s nursing, yet it keeps her from being distracted by her surroundings. Made from lightweight, breathable bamboo, it helps keep mom and baby cool and comfortable without drawing attention. Available in black for $46 at www.bamboofortwo.com.

Botanicals Do Double Duty

AHAVA skin care is a natural and botanical-based line that’s infused with Dead Sea minerals. With the creation of a new Mineral Botanic line, AHAVA brings its signature minerals and plant extracts to a cream body cleanser, infusing it with botanical goodness.

Try the orange and frangipani scent; the orange adds vitamin C and antioxidants while the frangipani tones skin, leaving it soft and supple. This scented body cleanser also helps to strengthen collagen and improve skin’s elasticity, leaving you with fresh, youthful skin and a scent that is divine! Free of parabens, AHAVA’s products are ideal for sensitive skin. Find it at www.ahavaus.com for $19.50.

Tote Your Gear in Style

Busy moms on the go don’t have to sacrifice style just because they carry the world on their shoulders – or in their gym bags. Physhion bags are stylish solutions to keep everything in its place while helping moms look chic. Crafted from waterproof twill and trimmed with Italian leather, each bag features a waterproof lining and comes equipped with compartments for a cell phone, iPod, gym pass, diapers, bottles and even a programmable lock for your locker.

Large enough to serve as a gym bag, diaper bag and handbag all in one, Physhion bags are available in Fashionista, Vixen, Siren and Hipster styles to keep you fashionable while you stay fit. Available for $225 to $350 at www.physhion.com. Pictured: Fashionista, $225.

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