Look Cool and Sleek During the Summer

Less is More

Why put multiple layers on your face when you could wear just one? All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen from mdSkincare combines three products to give you more bang for your buck and get you out the door in seconds flat.

This tinted moisturizer softens and hydrates skin while it protects it from the sun with an SPF of 15. The sheer coverage evens out your skin tone and keeps your complexion looking great with a lightweight finish that’s perfect this time of year. Find it at www.mdSkincare.com for $44 and at Luxe Apothecary in Raleigh.

To the Maxi

One of the hottest styles of the season is the maxi dress. These long, flowing floor-length dresses are super comfy and epitomize the essence of summer chic. With strapless, sleeveless and -sleeved versions, maxi dresses work well for many shapes and sizes, even if you’re expecting.

Here’s how to find the right one for your height and shape:

– Choose a dress that is in proportion with you. You don’t want to drown in your dress.

– Consider overall scale and fullness to be sure it creates a balanced look. Most maxi dresses have an empire waist. If you have a tummy, be careful because this can cause you to look pregnant.

– Try a maxi that has less fullness in the front and lies flatter in front than on the sides. If you’re on the shorter side, opt for a sleek A-line or bias cut rather than a straight column.

– Consider the length when choosing shoes. Maxi dresses range in length from lower-calf to the floor. The longer the dress, the lower the heel you should wear. Floor length dresses are best worn with a sleek, flat sandal. Try one of the season’s embellished gladiators or thongs for a smart look.

While the maxi dress looks chic and sleek on those rare nights out, it also works well as a daytime option when paired with casual shoes and accessories. Plus, a maxi dress can also double as a stylish swimsuit cover-up.

Store Baubles, Beads and Bling

Ever lost your favorite pair of earrings when you took them off at the pool or while having your hair done? Store them in a Gemvelope and you’ll know exactly where you put them.

These cute little fabric envelopes conveniently stash your jewelry whether you’re having your nails done, going swimming or packing for vacation. Designed with a special cushion for stud earrings, a strap for rings and necklaces, and a pocket for bracelets, there’s a place for everything.

Gemvelope’s compact size allows you to keep one in your purse for convenience or tuck several into your suitcase for your next trip. Purchase at www.Gemvelopes.com for $25 to $45.

Shield Your Skin

Chances are you’ll be seaside or at the pool at least a handful of times this summer and outdoors more often. Protect your skin with Coppertone’s newest line of skin care products called NutraShield.

Enriched with antioxidants that may help repair skin, NutraShield can prevent premature aging. With an SPF of 70, NutraShield Faces is perfect to protect delicate facial skin from even the most casual exposure.

When you’ll be directly in the sun, try Nutra-Shield, with an SPF of 30 or 70, also infused with antioxidants to help keep your skin looking good while protecting it from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

These latest Coppertone formulas are hypoallergenic and waterproof/water resistant. Find the Coppertone NutraShield line at grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchants for $10.49 each.

Postpartum Tummy Tightening

Just had a baby but feel that your tummy isn’t budging? Try the Bamboo Belly Bandit, an abdominal compression binder that helps tighten and shrink your postpartum belly.

Designed to help reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, the Belly Bandit helps to alleviate bloating and offers support for a new mama’s back and legs. Crafted from – you guessed it – breathable, antibacterial and sustainable bamboo fibers, the Bamboo Belly Bandit is perfect for moms who have had natural births as well as cesarean sections.

You can find the Bamboo Belly Bandit at Belly Blossom in Durham, Green Pea Nursery in Apex and at www.bellybandit.com for $65.95.

Dim the Headlights

While warmer weather means thinner and more revealing clothing, don’t sacrifice modesty for the sake of cooling off. Keep your “headlights” under cover with Boob-eez reusable headlight concealers.

Made from a durable silicon material backed by a washable adhesive, Boob-eez allow for multiple uses and easy care without straps, adhesive or elastic. Wear Boob-eez with or without a bra. Their super-thin edge makes them virtually undetectable under workout wear, clothing or swimwear. Get them for $12 to $15 at www.Boob-eez.com.

Mary Michele Little is a mother of two, wife, image consultant and blogger who lives in Raleigh. Read more of her tips at www.onechicmama.com.

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