Local Teens Launch Technology Business to Aid Senior Citizens

My Smart Grandkids services are available around the Triangle
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Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Baynes

Digital technology has improved the quality of life for many older Americans, but learning how to use electronic devices and software can be daunting and confusing for them. Twins and recent graduates of Friendship Christian School in Raleigh, Adam and Jacob Baynes, along with their mother, Mary Anne Baynes, recently launched My Smart Grandkids, a technology business that provides seniors and retirement communities with access to young adults known as TechMates. Skilled in computer hardware and software applications, TechMates employees teach seniors in a group or in a one-on-one setting at their location how to use a computer, set up email accounts, order items on the internet, troubleshoot computer problems and much more. My Smart Grandkids services are available in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Learn more at mysmartgrandkids.com.

Technology Use for Seniors Over Age 65:

42% own a smartphone

51% use the internet daily

34% use social media

73% need help using new electronic devices

Photo courtesy of Mary Anne Baynes


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