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Chestnut Ridge Camp and Retreat Center

4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Rd., Efland, NC 27243
Category: Arts and Crafts, cooking/baking, Full-Day, Games, High School, K-5, Middle School, outdoor-play/nature, Preschool, Track-Out Programs

Each summer, we welcome over a thousand campers who come to share in a warm welcome, good food, friendship, campfires, stories, worship and songs. Each week of camp forms a community that experiences the love of God through a dedicated staff, well planned activities, and a beautiful outdoor setting. Chestnut Ridge is a fun place to grow. It is a place for first-time campers to gain new life experiences and new friendships with campers and staff. It is a place for returning campers who come each year to make new friendships and renew old ones. It is a place where all campers recreate and reconnect with others, with the created world, and with God. Nestled in the Heart of Carolina [location and directions], Chestnut Ridge offers residential and day camp experiences for campers in grades Pre-K-11. Summer Camp offers the very best residential program we can conceive: a small group with which to live and grow, and a choice of program activities for older elementary and middle school aged campers. Day camp features an abundance of program selections, and finishes each day with campers returning home before dinner. Evenings offer resident campers the opportunity to enjoy evening meals together, lively fun worship, night swims, camp wide games of capture the flag, the Amazing Race, Home in the Woods, a talent show, pool party, and an end of session celebration full of skits, songs, stories, and praise. It is our prayer that every word and deed at Chestnut Ridge glorifies God. We want to partner with you as parents to develop and preserve practices of faith that strengthen and uplift the campers and in turn, each camper’s family, church, school, and community. A summer camp experience built on excellence and quality remains vitally important for children and youth, providing them with space and time apart where they learn about themselves, their peers, and life in the Christian community. We look forward to sharing the love of Christ with our campers, their families and our team! Checkout our website for more info at: