Life-Size Candyland at the Garden in Clayton

Roll the dice, take your steps, and reach Candy Castle to claim your prize
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Candy Cane Forest

A dose of nostalgia is waiting for you at the Main St. Community Garden in downtown Clayton. Play The Woman’s Club of Clayton‘s version of Candyland any day of the week through Jan. 2. The Garden is located on 439 E. Main Street, and the game is in play Monday through Friday from 2-4pm and Saturday & Sunday from 1-4pm. Navigating Candyland is a free event, but donations are appreciated. Although all are welcomed to look around and play the life-size version, younger children are most appropriate for this experience. Roll the dice and see where you land this holiday season.

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Interact with the gum ball machine wile playing Candyland.

Game Play:

Upon entry onto the board game, you will need to retrieve a die for your adventure. Next to the entrance, find the “Start” sign and roll the die to find out how many steps to take on the gravel path. Then, make your way through the twists and turns of the life-size board game. At the conclusion of the path, turn in your die to receive a piece of  the King’s candy in exchange.

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Gum Drop Mountain Pass

The Path:

Your first few rolls will take you through Cupcake Commons filled with sweets and delectable baked goods. Watch out ahead for Licorice Lagoon. The low hanging candy could slow you down if you are not careful. Persevere onward and wind up in Candy Cane Forest. What a treat! Soon after, an important decision will need to be made. Go left to enter Gingerbread Plum Tree or go right and visit Gum Drop Mountain Pass. Whichever path you take, immediately afterwards expect to be greeted by the characters living in the Ice Palace. Finally, traverse into the Candy Castle, meet King Candy, and explore the Castle inside and outside.

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Inside Candy Castle


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