Learning Motivation?

Question: How can we help our two children in elementary school become truly motivated to learn? They never want to do more in school than their daily assignments. — Motivation Problem

Answer: Your children need to get excited about learning. It doesn’t have to be about learning everything in school or even part of the regular school curriculum. They need to develop a passion to discover as much as they can about something so they will become virtual experts for their age through reading, talking to others or practicing a skill. It could be a hobby that lights their learning fire. It could be a skill like playing chess or computer programming. They need to find something that they want to know more about or to become better at.

Once your children acquire this passion, it will surface in school in their compositions and reports that will now be more interesting to write as they have information to share. It will lead to the eager reading of related books and magazines. In this way, it may improve school skills such as reading, writing and speaking.

Encourage your children to spend time with people who share their own excitement about learning — from stamp collecting to cooking to mountain climbing.

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