Keep Kids Active and Having Fun Over the Holidays


Will the kids be camping on the couch when school’s out for the holiday break? If you’d like to help nudge them into a more active and healthier holiday, you might try sneaking fitness into holiday activities. Take a look at these tips from i9 Sports, a youth sports franchise with local leagues, for some tricks that just might work.

I can’t argue with the top tip to get moving yourself so you set a good example. I’ve discovered that if I want my kids to get out and play, being the first to head out with a Frisbee disc always gets them to follow. If you can involve the neighbors, all the better. Our family has already planned a game of “Nerf tag” with our neighbors for New Year’s Day, when we plan to run like crazy in our yards.

Top 10 Ways to Break the Laziness Over Holiday Break

  • While on vacation, play with children and join the fun. Take a football, basketball or even a Hoola Hoop.
  • Hand deliver Christmas cards and cookies to the neighbor.
  • While watching TV, have a contest who can come up with the most fun exercise during commercial breaks.
  • Create a healthy holiday tradition.  Ideas include a ski trip, a trip to the woods to cut a Christmas Tree, or a visit to the skating rink – replace sedentary holiday traditions with more active ones.
  • Buy active holiday presents. Buy at least one present for the kids that will get them up and moving.  A jump rope, the good ol’ favorite Twister or even a movement based video gaming system like Xbox Kinect or Wii Sports.
  • Create your own winter olympics with friends and neighbors.  Kids who don’t want to participate can help judgeWalk to see Holiday Decorations and Lights – instead of piling in the car to drive around the  neighborhood, walk to see the holiday lights.
  • Take the dogs for a walking tour of neighborhood decorations
  • Visit indoor activity centers such as jump houses, trampoline spaces and playgrounds that have open play for kids
  • Have a closet cleaning competition. See who can clean out the most stuff and unload it at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Visit our Winter Holidays Guide for ideas to spice up your holiday, including Triangle-area fun, 15 old-fashioned holiday distinations in North Carolina and Virginia, and local performances and exhibits.

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