Juniper Level Botanic Garden Open to Public This Month

The Raleigh site offers free public viewing and plant purchases over two weekends
Rudbeckia And Calycanthus
Courtesy of Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Juniper Level Botanic Garden is open for two weekends this month for public viewing and plant purchases. The site, a $7.5 million gift to North Carolina State University, offers these hours, admission free: Fri-Sat, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sun, 1 p.m.-5 p.m. The garden is located at 9241 Sauls Rd., Raleigh.

The garden is open to the public eight weekends each year. First established in 1988, the 28-acre garden has more than 27,000 different types of plants. “That makes our botanic garden one of the top five collections in the United States,” says Tony Avent, founder and benefactor.

These are the weekends for public visitation until February 2021. Organizers say the nursery sales provide funding for operating Juniper Level Botanic Garden.

Avent offers a preview of what to expect: “The ornamental grasses are the plants for fall. They’re just incredible as they come up with a beautiful plume and fine textures. You see completely different textures as the garden changes from summer to fall. The elephant ears peak in the September timeframe. And, we’ve known chrysanthemums for years as a staple of the fall garden. Fall is an amazing transition.”

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