Is Your Preschooler Disinterested in Letters and Numbers?


Question: My preschooler has no interest in doing any kind of schoolwork. She doesn’t seem to be learning anything at school. I try to teach her letters and numbers, but she soon forgets them. Otherwise, she is doing well in preschool and is well-liked by the teacher and her classmates. Do you think that she has a learning disability? I’m afraid she may have problems next year in kindergarten.

Answer: Young children change quickly. What they can’t or don’t want to do today, they may easily do in a month or two. That doesn’t mean you should stop exposing your child to letters and numbers now, but keep in mind that she’ll be introduced to them formally in kindergarten. Forcing your child to work with letters and numbers now could turn her off of learning them before she even gets to kindergarten.

Work now on increasing her natural desire to learn. Plan diverse activities that will let her learn what the world is like.

Read to your daughter every day and teach her rhymes. It is also a good idea to read signs to her. And call her attention to words in storybooks so she begins to get the idea that print has meaning. The first steps to learning math are sorting, ordering, matching and counting objects.

Your child is actually learning a lot in preschool. She has learned how to get along with the teacher and her classmates, and she is learning how to behave at school. When she gets to kindergarten, you will find that some children are very skilled with letters and numbers, and others are not. Let her set the pace in learning them for now.

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