Is My Child Reading at the Right Level?

Reading Level

Q. Last year, in second grade, my son’s reading fluency was below grade level. The school put him in a special reading class. He currently receives reading instruction in the regular third-grade classroom. He also has a tutor who says he’s now reading on grade level. The school says he is a very bright little boy with a vocabulary at the sixth-grade level. Should I continue having him work with the tutor?

A. Reading on grade level is a good thing. However, the brighter a child is, the greater the reading potential. Students with above-average intelligence are expected to read above grade level. Teachers use the term “reading expectancy,” and you might ask the school to use a reading-expectancy formula to predict your son’s anticipated reading level.

We suspect that he should be reading beyond the third-grade level, so keep the tutor if you can afford to do so. Have him tested and then focus on the areas that cause him trouble until he becomes a very proficient reader able to handle material above grade level.

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