Introducing Micki Bare

Micki Bare Mug2

We are thrilled to welcome Micki Bare to the Piedmont Parent team as our new Web Editor/Assistant Editor. You will get to know Micki well as she takes on writing our Daily Post. She'll also be the voice behind our social media, will be putting together our monthly calendar and much more.

Micki lives in Asheboro and has extensive experience as a writer/editor. She's a regular columnist for the Courier-Tribune and has previously worked as a web content strategist/manager for Trone Brand Energy. As a freelancer, she has worn many hats including writing, copy editing and social media marketing. She's also the author several children's books, the Hubbleville series. Previously, she was the Head Start director for Regional Consolidated Services in Asheboro.

We had an opportunity to ask Micki a few questions before she started today at Piedmont Parent.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? Tell us a little about your kids.

I am the proud mom of three boys. They are 22, 21 and 17. I am not sure I can pinpoint one specific thing I love most about being a mom. Nurturing and guiding them as they grew into amazing young men was a privilege. Watching and supporting them as they figure out and follow their dreams is an honor. Seeing them take over and tear up my kitchen as they conspire to make dinner together for one of our weekly family meals brings so much joy to my heart that they could accidentally break my finest china and I wouldn't care. Then again, I raised boys. We don't own fine china!

What are some of your favorite things to do together as a family?

We still greatly enjoy family meal night, pizza and movie night and traveling together as a family. When the boys' and Hubby's schedules made it impossible to sit down at the dinner table every night for supper the way we did when the boys were younger, we established family dinner night. We've been doing homemade pizza and movie night forever — my parents started that tradition decades ago and it's still going strong within our family. And since many of our relatives live in the Midwest and Northeast, we have always spent a lot of time in a vehicle as a family. That's where we learned to appreciate each other's musical tastes — everyone gets a turn to play their music — and when we played all sorts of word and memory games. My boys can still recite all the state capitals for every state on the Eastern Seaboard.

How do you handle the balancing act of work and family life?

We share in household responsibilities and don't worry about laundry piling up or keeping a pristine house. When I'm working, I'm focused on work. When I'm with my family, I'm focused on my family. That said, my family always takes priority over any and everything else. And when we have to be apart — I've had to do a lot of traveling — we talk and text every day, we've always had a map and calendar on the refrigerator so they can keep up with where I am and when I am coming home, and I still bring them "prizes" (souvenirs) when I return. Now that Mom (Grams) lives with us, too, she also expects, and gets, a prize.

What will you bring from your past career�experiences to your work at Piedmont Parent?�

I look forward to dipping into my early childhood experiences with pre-K and Head Start to enhance perspectives when I write and edit for Piedmont Parent. My experiences as a working mom as well as an at-home mom — which happened later in their lives — will, of course, come into play, as well, especially since I've been writing about much of it for the past 15 years in my weekly lifestyles/humor column. My experience as a web content manager combined with supervisory and administrative responsibilities I've had over the years prepared me well for the relationship building aspects of the position through social media and public events. When I read the job description, I knew the job at Piedmont Parent was a good fit for my background. As I interviewed over the following couple of weeks, I felt more and more as if was always meant to be part of the Piedmont Parent team.