Inside New Exhibit imagiFAB at Marbles Kids Museum

New exhibit focuses on STEAM
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Animate at imagiFAB

Marbles Kids Museum is at it again. On Wednesday, Sept. 29 the veil dropped on their newest exhibit imagiFAB presented by Nugget. Nugget, is a Butner-based children’s furniture company that makes furniture feel fun. The two have teamed up to design an enjoyable space suitable for children of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The layout takes up most of the 2nd floor resulting in a larger space for play and creation. In addition, each area has its own color scheme thus establishing a brighter atmosphere. For example the “Make” section is draped in red while the “Build” section is primarily blue. The exhibit is now open so find out all the details here.

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Build at imagiFAB

The upstairs looks a lot different with so many new sections. Speaking of sections, 4 sections pull imagiFAB together. “Create” features visual arts. An illustration of this is a collaborative community paint wall hanging for all to use. “Make” encourages woodworking and crafting. Tools like screwdrivers, safe saws, and manual hand drills are in full stock.  “Build” provides interlocking blocks and Nuggets for every hopeful architect. “Animate” goes above and beyond with a digital canvas that can be utilized by any aspiring artist. Add up these four areas and it equals an impactful amount of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).

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Create at imagiFAB

Did you know the new addition aligns with Marbles’ 14th birthday? Happy Birthday Marbles! The museum and the new exhibit are open Wednesday – Sunday from 10am-5pm and on Thursdays until 7pm. Member early entry is from 9am-10am (Wednesday-Sunday). All visitors must purchase a timed-entry ticket in advance. Additionally, all visitors 5+ are required to wear a face mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

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