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Day1 Birthdaycake
Photo courtesy of Maureen Churchill
Day 1 - A Birthday Cake

When I turned 40 a few years ago, I felt the need to mark the moment in a special way. A close friend of mine told me he celebrated his birthday by doing acts of kindness. I was so intrigued by idea that I decided to try and do the same. At the time, I wrote my thoughts about the experience here.

Today is my 43rd birthday and, once again, I find myself inspired to revisit those same acts of kindness. I remember how much I enjoyed the process last time and I want to experience that feeling again. This time I’ll be bringing you along with me. I’ll be posting updates of my progress and sharing which activity I’ve completed each day. Sometimes quick and simple, sometimes with a bit more preparation, but my goal is the same — to bring a smile to someone.

Here are a few of the kind acts I’m planning:

My list of ideas keeps growing and I look forward to sharing my days with you. I also invite you to join me and take a moment to help in your own unique way. If we all focus on helping, I think we could make a huge impact on not only our little part of the state, but on the world.

Day One — A Birthday Cake

One year, when I was a member of the Durham Mother's Club, the members hosted a community outreach program in conjunction with the food bank. They asked for donations of cake mix, frosting, candles and character napkins so that families in food-insecure homes could make it possible to provide a birthday cake for their child. 

Imagine being in a situation where you didn't have the money to make a cake for your child's birthday. For some people, spending money on a cake mix and frosting just can't be justified. Those families have no choice but to put those limited funds to more practical use, no matter how much it hurts.

Since this entire project started with my own birthday, it is important to me to help someone else celebrate their own special day. I hope this small act of kindness will help make it possible for a child to have a celebration of their own this year.


Maureen Churchill works full-time outside the home and is a mom to one wonderful little boy. She writes the "Searching for Balance" blog for Carolina Parent.


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