Help Your Kids Eat Healthy Food, Explore Bamboo Solutions

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What’s in the Garden? by Marianne Berkes (Dawn Publications, $8.95-$16.95) explores garden-fresh produce and offers kid-friendly recipes readers can make with each food, like applesauce, carrot muffins and honey corn. Hardcover and paperback, ages 4-9.

Preschoolers can lear how to make healthy food choices through the Yumiloo Rainbow Power app, an adventure game designed by Blue’s Clues creator Traci Paige Johnson that launched in March. The app features characters who go to the Yumiloo Carnival, but find that none of the rides are working because the Rainbow Machine doesn’t have enough food or energy to power the carnival rides. Players harvest the correct fruits and vegetables, while composting spoiled foods, then feed them to the Rainbow Machine to run the carnival. Available for iPhone and iPad, $1.99.

Bamboo solutions

*   Help reduce disposable-wipe waste by using reusable Bambooee baby wipes, bibs and burp cloths, made from 100 percent organic bamboo with a soft, absorbent and machine-washable texture. Prices range from $3.99-$9.99;

*   Environmentally conscious builders like bamboo because of its lightweight, durable and rapidly renewable characteristics. Now your kids can build their own eco-friendly bamboo masterpieces using Lakeshore’s Bamboo Building Blocks, which come in a variety shapes,including columns, roofs and bridges. A 42-piece set is $39.99; 80-piece set is $69.99;

Parenting toolbox

Give Peas a Chance: The Foolproof Guide to Feeding Your Picky Toddler by Kate Samela (Sourcebooks, $14.99) offers practical advice for parents who are tired of begging their children to “take one more bite” or feel tempted to sneak spinach into their brownies. Samela, a registered dietician and pediatric nutrition specialist, provides insight into how appetites change from infancy to toddlerhood, how to handle picky eaters and ways to “build your family table.”

Nurse practitioner and mother of three Ashley Buescher has gathered healthy eating tips, simple substitutions and kid-friendly recipes for everything from breakfasts to snacks to main meals and sweet treats in Your Kid’s Favorite Meals Made Healthy! (O’More Publishing, $18.50; $4.99 Kindle version). Find healthier recipes to make your own Pop Tarts, breakfast apple pie, chicken tenders, pizza burgers, vanilla “milkshake,” cola cake and much more. Buescher writes from experience after transforming her family’s eating habits and honestly shares what worked for them.

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