Help Children Write Clearly

Question: My children are always complaining that they never can say what they mean in their writing. Is there any way that they can learn to do this?

Answer: Fortunately, there is a simple approach that may help your children better express their thoughts when they write. What they need is to hear what they have written.

For some, it works if they read their writing out loud to themselves, paying attention to whether words or ideas are missing, thoughts are expressed in the right order, and they have said what they want to say. This doesn’t work for all children; some may not hear any flaws when they read their own work. However, they certainly will if someone else reads their writing to them.

If your children are young, they should try to perfect their message to the reader by reworking one paragraph or even one sentence at a time. Often, just a few sentences in a paragraph need to be rearranged, or more description included to make a paragraph meaningful. This is far easier to do on a computer. They should always reread the changed copy out loud to make sure they like their revisions.

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