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d.i.y. creativity
d.i.y. creativity
d.i.y. creativity
d.i.y. creativity
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Estimated time: 30 minutes

I drew up plans, I measured space and I started to obsess over renovating my yard.

And just when I think I have a great plan, life tells me I, in fact, don’t.

Economic woes and my husband’s med school quest brought my yard renovation efforts to a grinding halt. Who needs to study, when you can help your wife make your yard beautiful? Kidding.

I have to say, my lack of projects put a damper on my creative process.

But I’m back with a d.i.y. crea|tivi|ty project to help “beautify” your closet: fabric-covered hangers.

Ok, I’ll admit this project was inspired by my life-long hatred for wire hangers. Growing up I cringed when I saw those scrawny, ugly brown hangers stuffed between the colorful plastic ones and I vowed when I had my own house I would NEVER use them.

My, how the tables turn. Now that I have my own house, I can’t justify throwing away a perfectly good hanger just because I’m slightly OCD about my closet, especially when the things are so inexpensive- or FREE!

So I whipped out some leftover fabric and got to work making them less of an eyesore.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Wire hanger, Scrap paper, Fabric, Straight pins, Sewing needle, Thread



1.Trace an outline of your hanger on a large sheet of paper. Be sure to allow enough space to account for the fabric hems.

d.i.y. creativity

2. Cut out the outline of the hanger and use this “pattern” to cut your fabric. You’ll need to cut two identical pieces of fabric.

d.i.y. creativity

3. Hem the bottom of each piece.

d.i.y. creativity

4. Sew the two pieces together leaving space for the hanger hook along the top. Leave the bottom open for easy removal and cleaning. 

d.i.y. creativity

5. Turn your fabric right-side-out. Press, if needed and slip it into place. 

d.i.y. creativity


Tivi Jones d.i.y. creativity— Written by Tivi Jones, Marketing Coordinator for Carolina Parent, writer, author and founder of d.i.y. crea|tivi|ty, a new blog that offers Triangle residents information and how-to’s on d.i.y. trends.



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