Gustafer Yellowgold Show Offers Kids a Special Escape

Gustafer Yellowgold315x205

When you were a child, did your mom or dad take you to a live performance that captured your imagination? For me, it was the circus, with flying trapeze artists and daring stuntmen. I also enjoyed going to plays at our local community theater and school, which transported me to worlds far different from my own.

At 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21, parents will have a opportunity to introduce kids to a performance with a creative storyline when Gustafer Yellowgold returns to The ArtsCenter, in Carrboro. A multimedia performance that combines original animation with live music, the show revolves around Gustafer, a small, yellow, cone-headed fellow who comes to Earth from the Sun and finds himself neck-deep in absurd situations.

Brooke Kesterson, who coordinates school and family performances at the ArtsCenter, says the show is like “musical moving storybook,” and is great for motivating early readers. Musician, animator and creator of the Gustafer character Morgan Taylor, brings the little creature to life. He shows kids Gustafer’s world, where they meet his friend Forrest Applecrumbie, a flightless pterodactyl, his pet eel Slim (short for Slimothy), and his pet dragon named Asparagus.

“It’s a neat performance,” Kesterson says. “The musician performs songs and there’s a video projected behind him that goes along with the songs, with the words to sing projected on a screen.”

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