Growing Global Citizens at East Cary Magnet Middle School

New grant funding will be used to build a model Global Studies and World Languages program


East Cary Center for Global Studies and World Languages Magnet Middle School is inviting you and your middle schooler on a journey to see the world!

Located near the vibrant Downtown Cary park, the school was recently awarded 2.5 million dollars in grant funds to build a model Global Studies and World Languages program.  The campus has been transformed into a map of the world, with buildings designated as continents, a collaborative outdoor international courtyard, and a school entrance modeled after any modern travel hub. Each day, students receive a global welcome in 8 different languages when they arrive.


Dr. Nikia Davis, proud principal of East Cary Magnet, says that the best part of the Global Studies program are the opportunities students have to engage with their community and learn about other cultures and perspectives.  While studying the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, seventh grade English Language Arts students read A Long Walk to Water and decided to take action to help others have access to water.  Their goal is to raise money for the Iron Giraffe Challenge, which in turn will give the people of South Sudan efficient access to clean and safe water in their area.


“It is amazing how enthusiastic our middle schoolers are about making their world a better place! They are passionate, and we need to provide an environment where their voices are amplified! Our teachers harness the passions and interests of our Scholars and guide them to use what they learn to make a positive impact on their world,” says Dr. Davis.

The new magnet theme also gives students the option to grow their language fluency and earn either one or two high school language credits before entering ninth grade. Daily world language, in Spanish or Mandarin, is offered to all students.  Seventh-grader Ameris Rood is thrilled to have the chance to learn another language, saying “Being able to speak a different language is really important because it helps you to communicate with more people while also helping you become more open-minded about cultures that are different from ours.”


For more information about applying to East Cary Magnet Middle School, click on this link or contact Magnet Coordinator Teikeisha Beddoe ( who proclaims, “students at East Cary are developing a more expansive view of the world and are learning the skills necessary to navigate today’s globalized society. They are changing our world for the better!”

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