Green Solutions to Keeping Your Home Fresh

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To help keep your home feeling and smelling fresh, healthy living expert and author Lisa Beres shares the following solutions for common household problems:

Problem: Kitchen refrigerator odors and stains
Clean fridge drawers and shelves with a thick paste created by adding a few drops of natural dish soap to a bowl of baking soda.

Problem: Ants and insects
Solution: Set a line of coffee grinds, lemon juice, cinnamon or cayenne pepper around doors and windows to create a barrier that ants and other insects won’t cross.

Problem: Mildewed towels
Rid towels of mildew by first washing them once in hot water with a cup or two of white vinegar, then washing them again with a natural or eco-friendly laundry detergent. Dry them on high heat.

Problem: Pet odors
Solution: Reduce the unpleasant smell of pet dander by bathing and grooming your pet weekly and establishing pet-free zones in the home, such as the bedroom.

Problem: Stale air
Solution: Create your own air freshener by combining 10 drops of an essential oil — such as lavender or eucalyptus — with two cups of water.

Lisa Beres is the author of the children’s book My Body My House and co-author of Just GREEN It! Learn to Create a Healthy Home and The 9 to 5 Greened: 10 Steps to a Healthy Office

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