Green Hill Center for N.C. Art�s Table Projects Give Visitors Hands-on Experience

The Green Hill Center for N.C. Art is showing the work of artists Andrea Donnelly and Heather Lewis in an exhibit titled Two Artists, One Space. The exhibit opens to the public Feb. 1 and runs through March 24.

In addition to the artwork on exhibit, the center will also offer “table projects,” which give visitors a hands-on opportunity to explore using the artists’ techniques and materials. For February, the table projects will highlight the work of Heather Lewis.

Lewis’ installations investigate drawing through stenciling, cut paper and light projections, which transform the silhouettes of everyday objects into new contexts. By manipulating objects on a light source, Lewis projects extraordinary “drawings” on walls and surfaces. Each week, a new medium will be available for visitors to try their hand at creating these projections, including stencils, object from the kitchen, lace and fiber, and botanicals.

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