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Want to search for hidden treasure in the Triangle? Try geocaching (“geo” for geography, and “caching” for the process of hiding a cache). Families can enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and go on a hide-and-seek adventure by using a GPS-enabled device to find a box of loot with coordinates provided by the hider.

Follow these tips, taking appropriate precautions for children, then choose one of the Triangle-based geocaching spots listed below to begin your adventure!

1. Visit geocaching.com and sign up for a membership to view descriptions of geocache locations, which include the level of difficulty and items hidden. (Beginner caches online are highlighted in green.)
2. Choose a geocache and enter the coordinates in your GPS device. This helps you find the cache.
3. If you take “loot” from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value for the next treasure hunter.
4. Write in the cache logbook.
5. Complete the log at geocaching.com.

Here are some favorite geocaching spots in the Triangle.

Harris Lake County Park
2112 County Park Dr., New Hill
Nuclear Fun is a beginner cache close to the trail. Watch for passing bikers. Park in designated areas.

Lake Johnson
4601 Avent Ferry Rd., Raleigh
The beginner cache at Lake Johnson was the 13th oldest remaining physical cache in the Raleigh area in 2012. There is also a beginner cache there called Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Jordan Lake
280 State Park Rd., Apex

Lake Crabtree
1400 Aviation Pkwy., Morrisville

Eno River State Park
6101 Cole Mill Rd., Durham

Lake Wheeler
6404 Lake Wheeler Rd., Raleigh
A beginner cache was placed there by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

New Hope Valley Railway
Try this virtual cache designed to help seekers discover the North Carolina Railway Museum and New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal. Recognized as a favorite by many.

A Wing and a Prayer
Near Raleigh-Durham International Airport
Another favorite! It’s easy to find the aircraft part here. You’ll also find a miniature airport layout.

Type in your ZIP code at geocaching.com to find more. Also search for “The Best of Raleigh” list on the geocaching website. (To prevent unintentionally harming a natural resource, the City of Raleigh requests that you contact the park manager prior to placing a cache in those locations.) Happy hunting!

Carol McGarrahan is a freelance writer in the Triangle.

Photo courtesy of Harris Lake County Park staff.


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