Get Your Family Fit this Spring

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This morning at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, the Imprints for Families Organization held a special event for families called "Healthy Families in a Hectic World." The title of the event alone speaks volumes. We all have good intentions of making healthy, well-balanced meals three times a day and getting out to exercise with the entire family. But then the craziness of life sets in and rushing around from work to home, getting homework done, kids to soccer practice and everyone bathed makes it seem nearly impossible to live the healthy lifestyle we aspire to.

At the event, Dr. Joseph Skelton of Brenner FIT shared tips for creating healthy habits in your family and tips to keep your health a priority even with busy schedules. It can be as simple as switching out juice for water to decrease the amount of sugar you consume in a day, and setting aside 15 minutes after supper to take a walk together around the neighborhood.

Eating dinner together and exericsing together doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, both provide great opportunities for talking with your kids, passing on important family values and just making sure you connect each day. We have some great resources here on our website to help make healthy meals and exercise an easy and fun part of your family routine.

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