Fun in the Sun Party!

Fun In The Sun

July is the perfect time to throw a Fun in the Sun themed party! Whether you are throwing a summer pool party, birthday party, baby shower or just having friends over for a cookout, picking a theme will make your party even more memorable.

What theme do I recommend? Well, Flip Flop Fun of course! One of the most iconic images of summer is the flip flop so it is a perfectly seasonal choice. You really can’t go wrong with a flip flop theme for guests of all ages, who doesn’t love flip flops?

Here are some of my favorite ideas for carrying the flip flop theme through your decorations, favors and menu:

fun-in-the-sun.jpgFlip Flop Centerpiece
Decorating your food table is as easy as picking up flip flops and a basket at the dollar store. That’s right, the dollar store! You can get cute pairs of flip flops for just $1. Grab your favorite wire basket or high-rimmed bowl and arrange a few colorful pair of flip flops in it to make the perfect centerpiece.

While you are at the dollar store, pick up a few extra pair of flip flops to make a summer wreath for your front door.
1. Arrange 6-8 individual flip flops on your craft table, toe to heel in the shape of a wreath.
2. Use your hot glue gun to glue each flip flop together, gluing the toe on top of the heel in front of it.
3. Decorate the top of your wreath with a coordinating bow.
4. Attach a nice ribbon to the back of your wreath by which you can hang it on the door.

A flip flop wreath is the perfect decoration for your front door all summer long and can also be hung on the wall behind your food table as a beautiful party decoration. flip-flop-wreath.jpg

Flip Flop Cookies
Yep, flip flop cookies! You can easily make some adorable cookies for your party with Nutter Butter cookies and a list cake gel or colored frosting.
1. Lay the Nutter Butters flat on your plate/cookie sheet
2. Using cake gel or a piping bag filled with colored frosting, draw two half circles from the top center to the bend in the cookie on either side to turn them into the perfect flip flop!

If you are feeling extra crafty, dip each Nutter Butter in white or milk chocolate before decorating them.

How to embellish
Are you looking for the perfect flip flops to wear to your party? Then why not make your own! Pick up a traditional pair of flip flops in your favorite color or pattern and break out the glue gun. The top of your flip flop straps is super easy to embellish with:
– Monogramed buttons
– Curly ribbon
– Colored button clusters
– Silk flower

Flip Flop Favors
Party favors are such a fun way to thank your guests for coming to your party. Pick up a bunch of flip flops at the dollar store to send home with each of your guests.

Once you have created all of your perfect flip flop decorations it is time to set your Fun in the Sun party menu. Picking a summer friendly menu is important so you are not left trying to fight the heat.

You can keep all of your chilled food cold by getting creative with your food table. Instead of simply placing your serving dishes on the table, put a small inflatable pool on the table filled with ice. The ice will then make the perfect service to keep your platters chilled for hours.

Think beyond the cooler. Sure, coolers are the perfect way to keep drinks cold outside, but they usually do not add to your party’s dĂ©cor. Instead of a traditional cooler, fill a red wagon with ice to use as your backyard drink station.

Select warm weather foods. Try to avoid any food that does not do well in warm weather like deviled eggs or macaroni salad. Any egg or dairy-based dish will only be good for a short time if left outside. Conversely, raw veggies, chips, cookies, and crackers will last for hours.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to make a trip to the dollar store to pick up flip flops and start crafting 🙂

Happy partying!

Until next time,
aka Chick #1

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