Fun for the Kids During the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl parties are a tradition for football fans, but celebrating this championship game isn’t just for adults. Here are a few ideas to make the day fun for the kids, too.

Make it a Party

Whether you are planning to watch the Super Bowl with immediate family or a large group of friends, kids will love a party atmosphere.

  • Buy football-themed party supplies: cups, plates, napkins and decorations.
  • Buy a green paper table cloth for the kitchen or dining-room table and let the kids decorate it with markers, crayons or washable paint to make it look like a football field. You can use white tape to create yard lines.

Super Bowl = Super Good Food

While the adults are eating typical football fare (wings, pizza and chili), make sure you also have plenty of your kids’ favorite snacks (Goldfish, veggie and fruit tray, yogurt, popcorn, etc.)

And what is a party without cake and yummy desserts? Buy football-themed cookies, cake or cupcakes. If you are feeling ambitious, bake the items and let the kids help you decorate them with icing.

Football Arts, Crafts & Fun

If you have young kids with no interest in watching the big game, you will need activities to keep them occupied.

With a little advance planning, your Super Bowl party can be enjoyed by all ages!


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