Free Kids Bowling Programs Get Rolling at Triangle Alleys

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Buffaloe Lanes in Cary and Raleigh launched its annual free bowling program April 1, which will run through Nov. 1. Kids (18 yrs and under) can register online or at the alley for a 2014 Kids Bowling Card to receive one free game each day during the program. As a bonus, the program includes daily freebies. Go to for more information and to register.

AMF in Cary, Durham and Raleigh have kicked off AMF Summer Games, a free summer bowling program during which kids ages 15 and under can register to bowl three free games each weekday during the summer. Deals for adults stand as well. Check for more information.

The Alley, at 2512 Hillsborough Rd. in Raleigh, kicks off its popular free summer bowling program Memorial Day weekend. The program enables registered kids to bowl up to two free games each day through Labor Day. Registration is open through the end of August and parents can sign up anytime during the summer. Learn more at

Kids Bowl Free’s Darin Spindler’s tips to improve your bowling game:

  1. Choosing your ball: It’s not the size of the ball in weight that gets strikes – it’s the bowler. Using a ball that’s too heavy can cause injury. As a basic rule, a 12 pound ball works for most beginners unless they are children
  2. Holding your ball: Put your pointer and pinky finger on outside the outside of the ball, your middle and ring finger in the holes and thumb in the thumb hole. Hold the ball as though you’re holding an open book – aligned with your guiding hand shoulder.
  3. Figure out how many steps you need to take before you release the ball. Everyone is different and the ball speed will vary depending on how many steps you take. Finding the delivery that feels most comfortable for you is best.
  4. Release the ball only after it has passed over your left foot (for righties). By only releasing the ball when it passes over your left foot, you have better aim at your target. If it feels awkward, you’re doing it right!
  5. Have fun! That’s what bowling is all about. The best part about one of America’s favorite past times? Everyone gets to play! Nobody “rides the bench” in this sport!

Updated May 24, 2014

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