Free and Inexpensive Ways to Exercise

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So you have made the decision to be more physically active, but how do you do that without having the expense of a gym membership, fitness classes or a personal trainer? Well, in the world we live in today, that is fairly easy because there are a ton of resources out there, you just have to know where to go to find them. Here are just a few of resources that may help you as you begin your journey to be more physically active.


School Age Children

  • Websites like Let’s Move offer education and information that guide individuals and families to be more physically active. 
  • The GoNoodle website offers movement videos that kids will love doing.
  • The Active for Life organization offers parents, educators and coaches engaging articles, fun activities and free resources to kids active, healthy and happy.

Teens and Adults

  • Look for Fitness-Related Apps such as Fitness Buddy, My Fitness Pal and FitStar that help you create and track your workouts in many cases with equipment you have or that is inexpensive.
  • Local parks and trails, even some malls offer mapped walking trails that are free and open to the public and appropriate for the entire family.
  • Gaming systems like Wii and X-box Kinect can help gamers get up and get moving.


  • National Institute on Aging is a great resource for information and resources to help increase physical activity of those that are young at heart.  Check out their Go4Life Campaign and the fantastic exercise and physical activity manual. (It's free!)
  • Local senior centers are also great places to contact for activity opportunities.

Where there is a will to get active, there is a way! If you look around and get creative, you can find many ways to be physically active without the expense of classes or a gym membership.  So begin your journey to a more active life, by joining the Fit Family Challenge!

Evie Houtz, the program specialist for Be Active Kids, serves as the Fit Family Challenge spotlight families' fitness instructor.

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