For Love & Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Piped Love 021410Su by vmiramontes on Flickr

Creativity is my middle name. At least, I pretend it is.

As a child I was always making things. Jewelry, artwork, even magazines.

That hasn’t changed much since I “grew up.”

I still love using my brain to come up with crafty items and solutions, it’s a big part of how I make a living and I think it’s a skill that all kids should learn.

Nurture a child’s creativity and it opens a world of doors for them from excelling in music, becoming skillful in the arts to even being an entrepreneur.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of going out and buying a pack of ratty perforated Garfield Valentine’s Cards (not that Garfield, himself, is ratty, but the cards you’re buying at the last minute probably are) take the time to create custom Valentine’s Day goodies with your kids.

Custom Chocolate Treats.

Use store bought chocolate and little creativity to create custom chocolate treats for your loved ones using a piping technique.

Here’s how:

– Purchase an array of preformed chocolate. Have a variety. Hearts, bunnies, blocks, etc. Buy chocolate of a contrasting color to melt.
– Melt chocolate on your stove using a double boiler. Mix the chocolate frequently to keep it from burning.
– Carefully pour the chocolate into a sturdy plastic bag. Zip-lock bags work best. The mixture may be hot, so use caution.
– Carefully snip the corner of the bag to create a narrow pipe-way for the chocolate to flow.
– Use the bag to gently squeeze the melted chocolate onto your other pieces. Write names. Draw pictures. Be creative.

Wrap your treats in cellophane once they dry and package for your Valentines.

Kids may enjoy using this piping technique on cookies or cupcakes too. Or use it to make your own chocolate treats by piping designs onto wax paper and allowing it to dry.

Have fun with it. Be creative. Enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

{image credits: “Piped Love 021410Su” by vmiramontes of Flickr.}

Tivi Jones - DIY Creativity– Written by Tivi Jones, creativity-enthusiast and founder of d.i.y. creativity a site for handmade, indie, creative and conscious crafts and projects. She enjoys reading, power tools and watching Ben 10: Alien Force with her rambunctious nephews.

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