Flying With Your Family

Travel tips from the Federal Aviation Administration.
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If you’re planning a trip that will involve flying this spring or summer, keep in mind that the Federal Aviation Administration does not require the purchase of an airline ticket for children under the age of 2, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a child restraint system to prevent possible injuries, should turbulence occur on a flight.

FAA recommendations include:

  • Using a rear-facing child restraint system for children less than 20 pounds.
  • Using a forward-facing child restraint system for children 20-40 pounds, or an approved harness-type device for children 22-44 pounds.
  • When preparing to travel, make sure the seat you are using is FAA-approved.

Other tips from the FAA include:

  • Before purchasing a ticket for your child, check with the airline to see if any discounts for children are available.
  • To ease travel in the terminal, use Smarte Cartes or airport transportation.
  • When boarding the plane, check strollers and other items at the gate.
  • Be sure to dress your child and yourself in layers, since temperatures on a plane can vary.
  • Make sure you have necessary supplies in your carry-on bag: diapers and wipes, a change of clothing, a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, tissues or paper towels, and snacks.

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