FIT4MOM Debuts Stroller-Friendly 5K Training Program

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After you’ve given birth, getting out to exercise may seem like an unattainable fantasy, especially if you don’t have — or can’t afford — a babysitter. But a FIT4MOM stroller-friendly 5K training program that kicks off Oct. 18 and culminates in a Dec. 3 “Jingle Bell” run in downtown Raleigh is inviting parents to train and run with their children.

“Starting to run again — or for the first time ever— after you have a baby is uncharted territory for new moms,” says Missy Currin, owner of the Midtown Raleigh FIT4MOM. “We can help them navigate it.”

Runners will be coached in proper running form (with and without a stroller), injury prevention, and choosing the right shoe and supportive sports bra. They’ll also learn about fueling the body with good nutrition, and nursing mothers will be given tips for supporting their milk supply.

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Although FIT4MOM runs fitness programs designed for moms, Currin says this running group isn’t just for moms of new babies. “Dads, partners, moms of older children—they are all welcome, too,” she says.

“There aren't many stroller-friendly training programs or races in the Triangle so we're excited to fill this need for moms (and dads) of little ones,” Currin says. “We've offered running programs in years past for greater distances and trained for non-stroller-friendly races, and have come back around to a dedicated Running Club-5K Training program because we think it serves the many families of the Triangle with young children who want to be active, (who) like doing things with their babies and who are looking for a connection with other like-minded families.”

Participants in the stroller-friendly 5K run can take part in training runs planned on weekdays and weekends that lead up to the Jingle Bell run, a festive race that supports the Arthritis Foundation.

“A 5K is a manageable distance to train for, and race, with a stroller … making it a fun family activity and accessible for parents without childcare,” Currin says.

For more information, visit this link.

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