fit RDU Offers Outdoor Exercise Classes

Keep fit while you social distance

Many of us are really struggling to keep our mental health in check right now. Between the stress of virtual schooling, isolation and worry about jobs and the economy it’s not easy to stay upbeat. One great way to keep your mood and outlook up is through physical activity, and there’s a group in the Triangle called fit RDU that can help keep you moving.

Imagine outdoor group fitness classes for the whole family that incorporate all skill and fitness levels; that’s fit RDU. The “fit” stands for Fun, Intense, Together. Class offerings ideal for adults bringing kids include fitPARENT and fitFAMILY. fitPARENT is for caregivers with small children who will stay in strollers or carriers; fitFAMILY is for kids and their grownups to work out together in a cardio dance party. These classes are held in the mornings at downtown Raleigh’s Lions Park and in North Raleigh at Honeycutt Park. When you can work out without kids try their other classes like fitYOGA, fitYIN, fitCORE, fitHIIT and more.

The vibe of these sessions is one of inclusivity, focusing on positive self talk and personal empowerment. Cofounder Libby Burton knows how important it is to take time fore self care. She believes that “it’s beneficial for all of us, especially parents to take time for our physical and mental needs. Overall health can take a backseat easily. Getting out and moving our bodies can make anyone feel motivated and focused. I know as a parent, accessibility and convenience are key and I’m glad we were able to expand as a business and benefit fellow Triangle parents!” 

Classes are $12 each per adult or $99 per month for unlimited fitness fun. Kids participate FREE with their caregiver. Participants can choose their class and register and pay online. Take note: attendees must wear masks and should always bring a mat, towel and water.

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