Fit Family Challenge Prater Family Gives a Progress Report

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Photos courtesy of Prater Family

We’re more than half way through the third week of the Fit Family Challenge. It has been really difficult for me to implement any changes for me and my kids. When I first agreed to be one of the spotlight families a couple months ago I immediately started to ask myself how am I going to do this. I kept reality in check by reminding myself that the same old road blocks to a healthier life were not going to magically disappear starting May 1. I can’t give up though. I am cognizant of everything I eat and how little exercise I’ve been getting. I still have faith that the support of Evie, Ashley and Gaye will spur me on to make more changes and make them permanent.

For the record, last week, my kids and I went for walks around the block almost every evening. They liked wearing the pedometers and beating their personal goals. I try to get myself up early in the morning to go around the block by myself. It’s not easy, but I think just hearing the beautiful orchestra of birds is a good motivator.

My son’s middle school chorus took a trip to King’s Dominion for a choral competition on May 14. We walked at least 16,000 steps that day! We balanced it out with pizza for lunch and supper.

Sunday we went to the YMCA Fam Jam with our neighbors.

We’ve had errands to run the past few nights, but last night, we went for a walk. For whatever reason, my daughter used her imagination and wore a red polka dot blanket as a cape. She jogged most of the way around the block, feeling the blanket flutter behind her. Instead of being embarrassed by the potential of my neighbors seeing her like that I let her run. What kind of message would it have sent her if I tried to stop her?

As for nutrition, I can’t say I’ve made much of a change yet. We still have big bowls of cereal for breakfast every morning. I pack what I believe to be a pretty healthy lunch for my daughter. My son gets pizza at school every day. I pack my lunch sometimes, or I go to one of the cafeterias near the hospital. For supper, I make chicken and vegetables at home, but we’ve also been going to Subway a lot, and we got the salad bar at Jason’s Deli once. So I think we eat healthy overall, but I worry about portion control. 

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