Fit Family Challenge Family Travels Back to Childhood Fun

Photo courtesy of Lucas Family
Photo of The Lucas Family of Wendell, who are a Fit Family Challenge "spotlight" family. Kelvin (dad), Felicia (mom), Isaiah (16), Kelsey (13) and Silas (8).

Our family had the opportunity to participate in the Fit Family Challenge kickoff event on Saturday, April 30, at the CVS in Cary. After meeting all the experts, we warmed up with doing some simple fun exercises as a family.

Photos of the Lucas Family of Wendell courtesy of Lucas Family

The highlight of the morning was completing the marital arts session. Karate moves were fun to do! 

Afterwards, we played a round of hopscotch and even attempted Double Dutch jump roping.  For the adults, it took us back to our childhoods. Overall a great day, perfect weather and loads of family fun time!

“We want to do this challenge so our family can get the proper resources to become healthier, to not only impact our family, but for generations that will come behind us.”
— Felicia Lucas
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