First Birthday Party Planning Part III: DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland and Pom-Poms

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Cruise through Pinterest or Instagram these days and you’re bound to find beautiful tissue-paper garlands for parties. These garlands really resonated with me and after cruising through various Etsy shops and looking at the pricing for these trendy garlands (around $30-$40 depending on length), I decided DIY was the way to go. How hard could it be? The answer is “not hard,” but “time-consuming.”

There are tons of tassel garland DIYs out there — probably as many as there are shops to purchase them — and there are lots of variations in procedure as well. You’ll need to experiment with different techniques to find out what look you like best (full or flat) and what you have the time to do. Even then, mine came out totally presentable but not nearly as fine-tuned as the “pros.” 

First thing’s first, you’re going to need some tissue paper. As I referenced in my first post, I figured I’d run into some trouble finding the right colors for the tissue paper since our party colors aren’t colors of the rainbow, which are easy to find. I struck out at Party City but I found the powder pink and forest green at Michael’s and the peach at Target. I also like the look of metallics mixed in the garlands so I picked up matte silver paper and silver Mylar sheets at Michael’s.
photo-08-rtd.jpgThe first DIY reference I used is here and the second is here. I won’t go into specifics how about to create them since you can check out those links, but I will tell you I spent many a Saturday and Sunday doing this. On repeat.
saturday.jpgSee how full my tassels are? I think that’s why mine took so long — more material to snip and roll. If you click over to the links I referenced above, you’ll see their versions are thinner. Truthfully, I like mine better but it was time consuming when you’re making three banners with one being over 12 feet long. And as you already know, when you’re a parent you can’t do anything in a large chunk of time so this happened over several weekends and naptimes. If you’re going to do this DIY, give yourself ample time or invite some girlfriends over and bribe them with wine.

Just look at these pretty little maids all in a row:
Here is the final result of one of the three banners I made. I do think that because my tassels were bushier that I was able to space them out a bit further, so may all the time producing evened out in the end! I added a few of the print-from-home invites to the banner as well, strung up by pink yarn. I also made one tassel banner for the front of our buffet table and a mini banner for Evelyn’s highchair.

The other DIY is for tissue paper Pom-Poms. These are by far quicker to make than tassel-making, but it uses an entire pack of tissue paper per ball. You’ll also find a ton of these tutorials on YouTube. I had nothing to do with making these Pom-Poms and I give my husband 100 percent credit for making them. Here are his tips:
1. Don’t make them too wide – the wider the paper the more floppy the final product. Never figured out how to solve this one.
2. Use a template to draw the curve at the end of the accordion folds. I was terrible at freehanding it. Recommend a small beer tasting class for proper curvature.
3. Avoid temptation to lick fingers to separate layers. Saliva + Tissue Paper = Bad News.

And here’s my addition:

4. A fly fishing necklace makes an excellent crafter’s tool complete with fishing line to tie off your pom and scissors to make the cut!

My husband made six tissue paper pom-poms and we bought a pack of three matte silver pre-made poms at Michael’s since that color was already available in the open-package-and-fluff format and quite honestly, we were a bit burnt out with tissue paper crafts at this point! This craft was easy, quick and really packs a punch!


In my next post, I’ll share party display pictures, some number-crunching and a couple last-minute crafts I snuck in. #cantstopwontstop

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