First Birthday Party Planning Part II: Cat Crafts

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As I mentioned in my earlier post, we’re celebrating my daughter’s first birthday with a vintage kitten theme. Yes, I know “vintage kitten” is rather specific. You can thank Pinterest for that.

While cruising the social media platform I love to hate, I pinned some cute craft ideas from kitten party-planners of past that seemed simple but had high impact. The first was making kitten ears for party guests to wear. I thought our Evie would get a kick out of everyone wearing cat ears — let’s see how many “brave” guests we’ll have that will actually wear them. I know you can count me in.

This is a very simple craft where you will need headbands (I found packs of three at Michael’s), three sheets of felt (two sheets of gray for the outer ear and one sheet of pink for the inner) and a hot glue gun (I didn’t have any luck with tacky glue on the felt). The first thing I did was to create a template using paper until I got the right shape. This took a couple of attempts but once the shape was nailed down, the project moved very quickly. 
I cut out all of my grey and pink pieces first and got gluing. Always be careful when working with a hot glue gun. I made 18 headbands.

The party girl approved. Whew. 
The second pinned project was adding kitten ears to paper plates. Again, another very simple project. I bought a pack of large pink plates and a pack of small grey plates. I cut the outer ring off the grey plates and divided the center of the plate into six pie-piece wedges. I rounded the tip of the ear and glued a set to each pink plate. I used tacky glue to adhere the ears, although it wasn’t the quickest process because I had to hold the ears in place for a bit before moving onto the next. Be warned. (UPDATE: I needed make two more large plates and I ended up making ears for 20 additional dessert plates and used the hot glue gun this time. It worked much better than the tacky glue. It took about 30 minutes to make these additional plates.)
Both of these projects were inexpensive and probably took me around two and a half to three hours to make and I was able to create them during naptimes. The slowest part by far was the gluing and the most time-saving element was creating a template to use. I highly recommend these two DIYs!

In my next post I will share my experiences with a very trendy and time-consuming DIY: tissue-paper garland.

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