Finding Alignment in the Fit Family Challenge

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Both the Gomez and the Ojala families are growing so much through the Fit Family Challenge. They are becoming more accountable for their choices and more proactive in the life they are creating for their families. By understanding their family values, setting realistic goals and checking back in on their progress regularly, they are making huge shifts in how they do things.

When checking in with the families this week, I have noticed changes in how quickly they recover when things are out of alignment. Both families seem more aware when they are not following their new ideals, and they notice when there are shifts between the path they are following versus the path they want to follow. They are able to realign with what is important to them, and as they continue on this journey, this process will get easier and easier.

These families are real families with real life going on while they are in the spotlight. They have job searches and new jobs, they have spouses traveling out of the country, they have kids out of school for the summer and many other “normal” family situations. Each of these circumstances on its own can create stress and throw havoc on the best-laid plans, but the families are working through these situations with greater understanding and awareness. They can tell right away if what they are doing is not setting them up for success. They notice changes and quickly recover by making decisions to support their growth. By knowing their ultimate goals and by keeping these goals in the forefront, they can see when things begin to shift and they are able to get back on track more quickly.

Acknowledgment is the first step to change so they are on the right path. By realizing there are other options and choices, they are able to make small changes that work for their families. Ben Ojala said, “Overall I think this challenge has made us step back and evaluate our choices; we still don’t always make the best/healthiest choice, but at least we are thinking about it first.” What a great thing to realize!

The families are continuing to make better food decisions and working out has become more of a priority. I love seeing the teamwork it takes to reach their Fit Family Challenge goals. They are communicating more and are coming at this from a team standpoint instead of alone. Both of these families are doing such a great job with this and I think these are skills they will carry into the future.

With all of the successes, there are some challenges, too. As they continue through the process, it can be hard to stay motivated and on track. Finding new ways to do things is important. For one of our meetings I met with the Gomez Family at the Holly Springs Food Cupboard Garden. We were able to give back to the community, get outside, get exercise and discuss their Fit Family Challenge goals. It was a win-win for everyone, and we had fun doing it!


Along with staying motivated, it may seem easy to procrastinate and do things tomorrow instead of today. This far into the challenge, some of the old patterns should be shifting and new habits should be taking hold.  It takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit so the families are well on their way to making the changes they desire. After working at things for this long, they don’t want to stop now! If you are doing this at home, keep up the good work, too! You can do it!

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Gaye

Gaye Esser is a Life Coach and owner of Redefine Balance.  She is a certified graduate of Coach U and works with Moms and Mompreneurs to find their own happiness from the inside out.  She is the author and creator of several coaching programs including Complete with Kids, a 12-step program designed to help you redefine balance after having kids.  You can connect with Gaye at and!

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