Find the Carolina Parent Geocache

Not much tempts a curious kid more than a hidden surprise. Geocaching, the growing sport of high-tech treasure hunting, is abundant here in the Triangle. What better way to encourage a reluctant hiker than letting her know she can find a prize on the trail?

If you have a hand-held GPS (or smart phone with an app), you’re in business. Head to to find a list of dozens of caches near you. What’s a cache? It’s a treasure box hidden by other enthusiasts, who then post the coordinates online. Once you find the box, you get to pick out a treasure from inside! Sign the logbook, leave a treasure for the next seeker, and return the box to its hiding spot. If you find a park with several caches, your kids will be begging to hike longer.

Ready to play? Carolina Parent has hidden a geocache at Harris Lake County Park, Apex, on the Penninsula Trail. Hint: It’s by one of the ponds. The coordinates are 35 degrees 35 minutes 48 seconds North; 78 degrees 52 minutes 27 seconds West. The total distance to and from the cache is about two miles. This cache is one of many at the park so you can definitely make a day of it!

Note: Some items in a geocache may pose a choking hazard for young children. Please remember to supervise when kids are opening the cache.

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