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As we head into the final week of the Fit Family Challenge, I want to thank both the Prater family and Lucas family for allowing me to work with them over the past few months. Both families came into this challenge with ideas and goals, and they have worked hard to accomplish what they set out to do. As different as they may be, the biggest goal for both families was to become more active as a family. They have had many successes and a few obstacles as well, but all of this has worked together to give them a greater sense of what will work best for them and their children. 

During the course of the challenge, each family has stepped up to try new activities and find new ways to exercise and play together as a family. The Lucas family is enjoying tennis time together, and the Prater family has been going to kick boxing classes that they all seem to enjoy. A big key to maintaining any type of exercise is to find something you enjoy, so both families are setting themselves up for future success with these activities. I hope they will continue to try new things and keep their families moving!

Changing eating habits has been more of a challenge for both families, but with the help of Tracy, the nutritionist, they have made changes along the way to help with this process. With busy lives, it can seem easier to grab something unhealthy, so taking the time to plan snacks and meals and to have healthy items available for those times when you are super hungry can be a huge help for anyone. I know they are paying more attention to their eating habits now, so hopefully, it will get easier with practice.

Awareness is the first step in making any type of change, and I think the challenge has helped both families check in to see what habits they have in place now and what long-term changes they want and are ready to make for their families. The process may take longer than each family first anticipated, but they are both on their way to redefining their family's nutrition and exercise regiment. As parents, we set the tone for our families, and both the Lucas and Prater parents have made a conscious decision to create something different for their children. They want a healthier, more active lifestyle and by participating in the Fit Family Challenge, they are well on their way to creating that reality.  

If you are following along at home, I hope you have had tons of success in learning more about your family. I hope you have found some fun things you like to do together, and I hope your eating habits have improved as well. You can make a change at any time, so decide what you want to do and go for it!

Enjoy the journey!

Coach Gaye

Gaye Esser is a Life Coach and owner of Redefine Balance.  She is a certified graduate of Coach U and a Level II Reiki practitioner.  She works with women to find their passion and bliss and to own their happiness from the inside out.

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