Family Movie Night: Free, Cool, Indoor Fun

Family Movie Night

The dog days of summer have settled in so it is time to find some fun indoor activities to enjoy. Sure, spending time in the sun is splendid, but a few cool hours in the air conditioning is a must. One of my favorite ways to kick back with the kiddos is to have a family movie night.

Planning a family movie night is a fun way to spend a low key evening at home, whether that is Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, or shoot, even Thursday evening. Here are some of my favorite tips that required a little planning on your party, and the family’s agreement on a good movie (which I do realize can be a task).


Just Add Your Favorite Blockbuster:

Movie Night Snacks
Popcorn Possibilities. A movie night is just not a movie night without a little popcorn and I cannot think of a snack that can be served in so many different ways. There’s good old fashion air popper popcorn dripping with freshly melted butter, homemade kettle corn, popcorn balls, moose munch, a big ‘ol bag of microwave popcorn or a super easy bag of pre-popped popcorn. Decisions, decisions! To butter, or not to butter, salt or no salt, seasoning or plain.

Regardless of which type of popcorn you are serving, do not forget to pick a cute way to serve your popcorn. You can pick up very inexpensive and fun popcorn box at the party store, use your cereal bowls or even a coffee filter. Why should you bother with a popcorn box or bowl? Grubby, little, finger s… need I say more?

Another fun way to serve your popcorn is on a popcorn buffet. Just like a salad buffet, a popcorn buffet is nothing more than a spread of all of your favorite popcorn toppings and mix ins. Some of the best popcorn buffet items you don’t want to forget are:
– M&Ms
– Reeses Pieces
– Nuts
– Chocolate sauce
– Chex Cereal
– Raisins
– Parmesan Cheese

Curious Concessions
If you like to enjoy a sweet treat or two during the movies, create your own little mini concession stand full of the good stuff! Your concession stand doesn’t need to be anything fancy, you don’t need to do anything more than put all of your favorite candy in a small box or basket. Once you have put everything together, set your concession stand right along side your popcorn buffet. Or, it can act as the perfect centerpiece for your snack table, or better yet, the coffee table in front of the TV.

Making your concession stand an educational experience for the whole family is also just as easy. Instead of setting up a grab-and-go concession stand, add a cash register and price tags. This is a great way to teach the kids about money and discourage overeating. You can even turn movie night into a weeklong event by offering a few extra paying chores for the kids leading up to movie night. It is also not a bad idea to limit the amount of money the concession stand is able to accept in one evening, just in case.

Dress Up
Another fun way to make movie night your own is with a little game of dress up. The whole family can get even more into movie night with the right accessories. When you are getting ready for movie night, don’t forget to break out a few old Halloween costumes and the kids’ dress up box. Dressing up in costume, or just adding a fun and crazy scarf or hat, is a fun, easy and free way to make movie night even more exciting. Who doesn’t like dressing up like their favorite character and ready getting into the movie?!

Don’t forget, these tips are not just for family movie night. Next time you are in charge of planning a birthday party, girls’ night in or even a date night at home be sure to incorporate some fun movie night tips. Fun, simple, air conditioned and inexpensive – just the way I like it!

Until next time,
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