Fall Crafts: Pinecone Spider and Pumpkin

Fyi Home Spider

These fall crafts add a homemade touch to Halloween decorations.


4 pipe cleaners
2 wiggly eyes
Craft glue or glue gun

1. Turn the pinecone on its side. Using a small amount of glue, wedge the center of each pipe cleaner into several little slots on the pinecone to form four legs on each side.
2. Turn the pinecone over and bend each pipe cleaner to form     eight legs. Trim as necessary to make the legs look proportional to the size of the pinecone body.
3. Glue wiggly eyes on the large end of the pinecone and your spider is ready!


2-3 orange pipe cleaners
1 green pipe cleaner
Craft glue or glue gun

1. Starting near the top of the pinecone, wedge the end of the first orange pipe cleaner into a slot and secure with a dot of glue if needed.
2. Wind the pipe cleaner around the pinecone, wedging into slots to secure as you go. When you near the end of the first orange pipe cleaner, twist it together with the second pipe cleaner to make one continuous orange strand. Continue wrapping, using a third pipe cleaner if necessary, until you reach the bottom. Secure the end with glue.
3. Trim the green pipe cleaner to about 2-3 inches long. Secure to the top of the pinecone and curl end slightly to form a stem.


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