Exploring Consignment in the Age of Instagram

Warning: It's addictive
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Photos courtesy of Helen Banzet Wallace

Clean out your closet, make room for something new, and engage in the anti-fast fashion movement — which is centered on ethically focused and sustainable fashion — all while keeping a higher percentage of your items’ values.

I have sold and purchased some real gems on Noihsaf Bazaar (“fashion” spelled backward). Warning: It’s addictive! The process is simple and goes a little something like this. (See below.)

• Snap a photo of the item or items you would like to sell on Instagram.

• Set your price.

• Wait for buyers to tag your listing for purchase.

You’ll need a PayPal account to collect payment. After your item sells, you’ll pay a small $2.80 fee per item to Noihsaf Bazaar and then you just ship the goods to your customer.

Something else that makes Noihsaf Bazaar unique is its careful curation of beauty products. Maybe you purchased a product that you quickly realized wasn’t right for you. Chances are, someone else would love to give it a try! 

Visit noihsafbazaar.com and follow @noihsaf.bazaar on Instagram for guidelines and tips on how you can showcase your items in their best light. Also, check out @noihsaf_kiddos, @noihsaf.vintage, @noihsaf_home, @noihsaf.men and @noihsaf.active.


Helen Banzet Wallace is a freelance writer, fashion blogger and mom. Her work has appeared in local and regional publications. Email her at helenbwallace@gmail.com.


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