Exercise Your Colds Away!

Time To Exercise 001

A recently reported study found that no health supplement (such as a vitamin) or medication is more effective at preventing the common cold than a brisk daily walk. David Nieman, a professor at Appalachian State University in Boone and the director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, and his fellow researchers monitored the health of 1,000 volunteers ages 18 to 35 for three months during the fall and winter. The researchers found that those who exercised five or more times a week had the fewest and least severe colds.

Their cold symptoms ended 43 to 46 percent sooner than those who worked out once a week or not at all, and the volunteers reported that their symptoms felt 41 percent less severe.

Nieman’s research looked at diet, weight, education levels, gender and other factors, but found that brisk, regular exercise had greater effect on cold prevention that any other variable. The study suggests that more frequent exercise helps immune cells circulate through the body, putting them on alert and decreasing susceptibility to colds.

For more information: www.news.appstate.edu.

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